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USB Driver for X,X+ Series

Software Size : 593 KB
Language : En
Type : Drivers
Updated : 2009-08-13 20:26:00
Description : Version 1.5, it support: EM2100 series(X series): FM200X,HR103X,FM210X,FM208X,FM202X(Slot 2D),HR106X. EM2027 series(X+ series): FM200X+,HR103X+,FM210X+,FM208X+,HR106X+.
HR200 series: HR200, HR200S.
Support operate system: Windows 2000, XP,VISTA.

 1.The drive package include SDK of USB-Datapipe. Users can develop  USB-Datapipe base on the demo code;

2. If you select "USB to Comport Emulation"(cause the COM device to appear as an USB ) in installation process, 2D Collector should read setting code of this  mode.

3. "Virtual COM port Drive" ( cause the USB device to appear as an COM), X+ series must select this option and X series may select this option. If the users of X series, had developed their own application through the USB SDK, recommendation is not to select this option.

4.X+ series Collector read setting code can switch Collector"s mode in USB-DataPipe/USB COM Port Emulation/HID KBW. X series can only switch in  USB Com Port Emuation/HID-KBW. 

5. X+ series(EM2027 series)last number of serial number is "X+", X series(EM2100 series)last number of serial Number is "X")

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